What do I need for a webpage?

There are three parts to having a webpage or website on the internet.

Firstly you will need a domain name - this is your website address (known as a URL).

Secondly you will need domain space (know as web hosting) - this is an allocation of memory on an internet server computer that will store your website.

Then you need the website itself.

For this you will need to discuss with a consultant your particular requirements. Getting the correct balance between the number of images you include with the amount content is very important.

Your consultant should also advise about the structure of the website, which will make navigation around the site easier from a customer point of view, whilst at the same time ‘making sense’ to Google. It is crucial to get this right at the beginning so that your site can develop on solid foundations and will not have to be redesigned at a later date.

A good web design and SEO company will work in partnership with you about the written content for the site. A company that writes all the content themselves ignores the wealth of knowledge and experience that you, the expert in your field, has to offer. A company that does not write any of the  content shows a lack of understanding about the Google algorithms which ‘reads’ and assesses the page in terms of its page rank.

 This is the beginning of the process of web site development, which is an ongoing process of expanding, improving and modifying your site so that it remains current and optimised through changes in Google, and remains on the first page for your key words.

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives,

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives, it seems only logical that the next step up for your business is to go online. Online marketing is a great way to gain more attention for your company or product and it can be very simple whilst yielding huge results. Remember, once your product is online, it is at the fingertips of the world! By simply placing an internet advertisement or creating a company website, you will open yourself up to a completely new audience. There are several types of online marketing which are all linked to a secure and profitable marketing plan, whether you are on a budget or have access to a big marketing campaign the internet can and will help your business profit. Online Marketing Advice is here to give you essential pointers to starting your online advertising campaign.