PPC or Organic Search

PPC or pay per click comes in many forms, but amounts to the same thing. You pay Google or another agency to promote your site, and payment is made each time someone visits your site through clicking on an advert linked to your site.

The level of prominence your advert is given is dependent on how much you are willing to pay.

The level of successful return on your investment is questionable, and is in part defined by your area of the market. Non-competitive areas of the market have fewer visitors, but ones who are more likely to convert in to customers, and the advertising costs are lower. Highly competitive areas are often dominated by huge marketing concerns such as E-bay and Amazon, and are expensive.

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Organic or Unpaid search has proven a more successful strategy, and with increased internet user ‘savvy’ (eg users becoming increasingly ‘banner blind’ to adverts), it appears to be developing into the best means of attracting targeted traffic.

Also called Natural Search, the aim of unpaid Search is to optimise a website so well that it appears on the first page, or better still, in the top three items, when your product or service is searched for.

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives,

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives, it seems only logical that the next step up for your business is to go online. Online marketing is a great way to gain more attention for your company or product and it can be very simple whilst yielding huge results. Remember, once your product is online, it is at the fingertips of the world! By simply placing an internet advertisement or creating a company website, you will open yourself up to a completely new audience. There are several types of online marketing which are all linked to a secure and profitable marketing plan, whether you are on a budget or have access to a big marketing campaign the internet can and will help your business profit. Online Marketing Advice is here to give you essential pointers to starting your online advertising campaign.