What is  search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is about introducing changes to a website so it performs better in terms of rankings, traffic and more importantly conversions.

Because of the high amount of work involved in search engine optimisation it is not cheap but if conducted correctly will offer a higher return on investment than any other form of marketing on the web.

Search engine optimisation can be broken down into several key areas, on-page and off-page factors.

On-page search engine optimisation, or on-page SEO, focuses on modifying the actual page of the website, including keyword research, usability and website copywriting, so that the site can easily be found online by those people looking to buy your products or services. This means optimising your site to meet the requirements of each search engine algorithms.

Google is of course the largest and most widely used search engine in the world, and their algorithms are constantly being developed and up graded, and their requirements are a closely guarded secret. Experienced and skilful SEO is required to establish and maintain a high page rank on Google across a range of key words.

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives,

In an age where the internet is prominent in our daily lives, it seems only logical that the next step up for your business is to go online. Online marketing is a great way to gain more attention for your company or product and it can be very simple whilst yielding huge results. Remember, once your product is online, it is at the fingertips of the world! By simply placing an internet advertisement or creating a company website, you will open yourself up to a completely new audience. There are several types of online marketing which are all linked to a secure and profitable marketing plan, whether you are on a budget or have access to a big marketing campaign the internet can and will help your business profit. Online Marketing Advice is here to give you essential pointers to starting your online advertising campaign.